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The Mexico Finca Guadalupe Zaju Varietal(s): 30% Caturra, 50% Marsellesa, 20% Hybrids Processing: Fully washed & dried in guardiolas Flavours: praline, milk chocolate, dense Altitude: 900 to 1,400 meters above sea level When Guadalupe Zaju’s current owner, Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Esteve, purchased the farm in 2004, it was a true act of faith and persistent commitment to making the formerly great farm into a bastion of quality again. The story of Guadalupe Zaju is the story of a coffee lover who is passionate about what he does. Passion that has led him to forget budgets...

A mixture of 100% Arabica beans harvested from Central and Southern American as well as Africa. The Southern American beans gives this blend an ideal base from which to make an excellent cup ideal for espresso added to which is the sweet and lingering taste of our Central American beans and finally a small percentage of African put in to give this coffee that extra earthy edge. We produce this blend for the commercial market. ...