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Recently back from a trip to Portugal and of course couldn’t help but go into a few of their coffee shops. Firstly they are known as ‘Pastelarias and as the name may suggest sell some wonderful cakes as well as the coffee. As we travelled we did try a variety of their Portuguese brands such as Delta, Sical, Buondo, Nicola. One thing we noticed was that coffee is surprisingly cheap. An espresso wouldn’t usually cost you more than €1 and...

I only popped in for a coffee The roasts There are many types of roast and as many given names depending which side of the pond you are, here are the main three. Light roast – mellow with crisp light flavours sometimes described as doughy. Medium roast – well rounded flavour that shows off the unique notes from the particular coffee origins – Bourne Coffee Company preferred roast. Dark roast – rich and intense with nutty and chocolate notes ...