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Coffee Grinders

We have noticed an increase in sales of our coffee ‘beans’ rather than the ready ground coffee, it proves more and more that people are buying beans and grinding them at home. This is good news as the customer has a fresher coffee and when bought from our stall or our internet site it is as fresh as it can be.

With this trend in mind we are reviewing a few of the grinders that are available on the market, depending on your budget, prices range from an affordable £22 to silly money of hundreds of pounds.

There are two types of coffee grinders:

  1. Burr
  2.  Blade

Most people but not everyone prefer the burr which is made up of two revolving abrasive surfaces (called burrs), in between which the coffee beans are ground a few at a time. The distance between the surfaces can be changed, which in turn will change the size of the grind.

The main difference between the two types is that burr grinders grind the coffee to a uniform size, and you have more control over your grind than you do with a blade.

In a blade grinder there is a central blade which rotates and chops the beans as it spins.

At this point we have to say the grinders which we use are:  for the business a Mazzer (burr) retailing at £440 and at home a DeLonghi KG49 (blade) £30 both have proved their worth and we still use them daily.

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